I first picked up a camera way back in high school, since then I've spent time shooting live music, dance performances, portraits, landscapes, fine art, and even some weddings.

I love being able to capture a moment or idea with every person I work with. I pride myself on creating images that show the subjects how amazing they are. My own background in dance, makes working with dancers that much more meaningful.

Even when creating serious work, I think it is important to find joy. I promise, I'll probably be right side up when we meet.

Genevieve Parker

Contact & Pricing

If you are interested in booking a shoot or want to know about pricing, reach out to me at I am based in San Francisco, CA - but I do travel, so I may be coming to a town near you!

If you want to see more of my work you can also find me on:





Want to hang one of these photos on your wall?

Almost all of my photos can be purchased as prints. If you have a special request, just send an email.

Keep an eye out for a place to buy some of them online in the future as well.